Single Mom Empowerment Initiative

A Mon Valley affiliated program based in Clairton, PA, the objective of the Single-Mom Empowerment Initiative is to seek to refocus, redirect and renew principles that enhance a greater quality of life for single moms and their families by:

Developing and implementing best practices that positively affect and/or influence single moms and their families through maximizing their ability

To develop strategies and individual commitment, accountability, credibility (morals) that transforms their individual and family lives through their own self-directed goals

To link them to resources to help make cognizant options for their lives

Realization that focused efforts and hard work, they can live the life they have always imagined: pursuing their dreams and passions

Components of the program will be inclusive of workshops consisting of computer training, job readiness, entrepreneurship, nutrition and healthy eating.

Activities of the program will consist of educational workshops, informative speakers, computer classes and rewarding field trips.

All Moms Are Blessed

All Moms Are Blessed is a program based in two locations: Northside and Mon-Valley, PA.

Girls Excel On Purpose